Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ferentz Gets Extension

Photo courtesy of Jim Slosiarek

Kirk Ferentz should someday be the Dean of Big Ten coaches. Ferentz has the second longest tenure in the Big Ten only behind the almighty JoPa. Earlier this month Ferentz was extended from his current contract that ran through 2012, and will now go until 2015.

This is nothing but good news for Hawkeye fans. Sure, Ferentz has had some down years at the beginning of his career, and more recently, the past couple seasons. But, the Hawks seem to be turning over a new leaf after finishing up a 9-4 season in 2008. They also finished the season on a four game winning streak and the forseeable future looks bright in Iowa City.

Ferentz is 70-53 in his 10 years at Iowa. Hopefully, Iowa is able to hold onto Kirk through the length of his contract (if not longer) as the NFL will continue to dangle the bait in front of him. But, with Scott Pioli was unsuccessful (assuming he wanted Ferentz) in getting Ferentz, I would assume that Kirk will retire a Hawkeye.

Photo courtesy of Jim Slosiarek

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