Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kellen Lewis Moved to WR

Terry Hutchens has reported that Indiana head coach Bill Lynch has announced that Kellen Lewis will be moved to the wide receiver position. This makes room for junior-to-be Ben Chappell to take over the quarterback reigns full-time.

I really question this move. To me, Lewis is without a doubt Indiana's best playmaker. Now he has faced some problems in the past with suspensions, but, in my mind, you want to have the ball in the hands of your best playmaker as often as you can. And, no one sees the ball more than a quarterback. Lewis suffered through an injury and suspension plagued 2008 season, but the fact remains that he can still make plays with his arm and his feet. Lets take a look at each quarterbacks numbers in 2008:

  • Kellen Lewis: 110-193 57% 1,131 Yards 6 Tds 8 Ints 500 Yds Rushing 3 Tds

  • Ben Chappell: 80-153 52.3% 1,001 Yards 4 Tds 3 Ints

It's easy to see that neither quarterback had a stellar year. But, you must keep in mind that Lewis is only two years removed (2007) from a 3,000 plus yard, 28 touchdown-10 interception season. Not to mention 700 plus yards on the ground and nine touchdowns. Oh, and he also led the Hoosiers to the Insight Bowl. Now, granted these numbers were drastically inflated by the presence of WR James Hardy, but the fact remains that Lewis can make plays.

The only positive I see out of this move is that it might open up the field for Indiana to run some trick plays. Defenses must now keep an eye out for double passes and end-around throws.

Chappell will give the Hoosiers more of a pocket presence. For Indiana's sake hopefully Lewis' skills can transfer over to the receiver position.

So, what do you think? Good move or bad move?

Photo courtesy of the AP


  1. I completely agree. Lewis is a dynamic quarterback in the Antwaun Randle-El mold, but taller and has a better arm. It doesn't make much sense to me as to why Bill Lynch would make the switch now, but then again, it is Indiana football.

  2. TERRIBLE move… The only reason IU gives teams like Iowa fits is because of Lewis' scrambling ability. Ben Chappell's numbers alone suggest it is a pretty bad decision by Lynch, in my opinion. Lewis had a higher completion percentage than Chappell and his scrambling ability makes him a threat outside of the pocket at all times. I don't agree with this move. Despite Lewis' shortcomings off the field, it just doesn't make sense.