Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Blogger Challenge - Outrageously Bold Predictions: 2009 College Football

Here are some more of my OBPs. This time I will cover all of college football. If you missed the last post OBPs are Outrageously Bold Predictions. These aren’t necessarily things that I believe will come true but rather things that I wouldn’t be completely shocked to see happen. I would expect for at least a couple of these top ten to be true. So, here we go…enjoy!

10. The Big Ten will regain some luster
I see the Big Ten getting a little bit of their swagger back after coming off of a multitude of dismal seasons. One of the reasons that the Big Ten has lost its luster is because their ‘top dogs’ continue to get pounded in the big games. Ohio State is 0-4 and has been outscored 138-62 by their last four marquee out-of-conference opponents (08 Texas/USC, 07 LSU, 06 Florida). But, while I’m throwing around outrageously bold predictions I will throw OSU a bone and say they ‘upset’ USC on September 12th in front of a national audience. I look for Terrelle Pryor to come into his own in 2009 and Boom Herron to take over nicely for the oft-injured Beanie Wells. OSU will need some playmakers to emerge at the receiver position, and will also need to reload on defense. But then again, so will USC. A OSU win against the Trojans should/could be all the Big Ten needs to get back into championship caliber discussions. Also, I see the Big Ten as having two other top 15 teams in Iowa and Penn State. All three teams should help the Big Ten save face in 2009.

9. Big 12 defenses will adopt a similar “System” to Grinnell Basketball
If Big 12 defenses don’t stop the opposing offense on the first three downs they will ‘allow’ the other team to score in order to get the offense back on the field. This should lead to games in the mid to upper 100 point range and Sam Bradford will be the first player ever with 200 touchdown passes in a season. Okay, sorry enough Big 12 bashing.

8. USC will lose their bowl game
Pete Carroll and the Southern California Trojans have made a living off of feasting on athletically inferior Big Ten teams. The Trojans lose a staggering amount of talent in 2009. The offense loses QB and leader Mark Sanchez along with his large receiving target Patrick Turner. Unfortunately for USC fans they also lose the majority of their All-World defense. Luckily for the rest of the PAC 10, USC only returns two starters on the defensive side of the ball and Rey Maualuga and company will be terrorizing NFL offenses next season. This OBP could be completely off track for one simple reason. The 2009 USC Trojans are still the USC Trojans and their still coached by Pete Carroll. USC doesn’t rebuild, they reload. When one player graduates, or more commonly leaves early for the NFL, then there’s always a handful of high school All-Americans waiting in the wings for their shot.

7. Gene Chizik will finish 2-10 (again) and then be promoted to the NFL
The Gene Chizik hiring at Auburn left most people scratching their heads. After finishing up 2-10 in 2008 and 5-19 in his two year tenure, he was offered a job at Auburn? The SEC should be a rude awakening for the Chiz-meister. Another 2-10 performance might be stretching it a little bit, but I don’t see the Tigers improving much on their 5-7 2008 season. It should be a long road ahead for Chizik as he tries to prove the doubters wrong.

6. Oklahoma State will win the Big 12
Sure, Sam Bradford is returning in 2009 after winning the Heisman trophy. Sure, Colt McCoy is returning after leading the Longhorns to a one loss 2008 campaign and being name Heisman trophy runner-up. But, the Oklahoma State Cowboys should be right in the mix of the 2009 Big 12 race. The Big 12 should, once again, be brutal this year. While the Sooners and Longhorns will be the clear favorites, don’t sleep on OSU. Oklahoma State returns a staggering amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Key returnees include: quarterback Zac Robinson (3,064 yds 25 TDs – 10 Ints), running back Kendall Hunter (1,555 yds 16 Tds), and wide receiver Dez Bryant (87 recs 1480 yds 19 TDs). Hunter was the leading rusher in the Big 12 in 2008 and with Michael Crabtree in the NFL, Dez Bryant will be far-and-away the nation’s best receiver. The Cowboys do lose six players on the defensive side of the ball, but everyone knows the Big 12 doesn’t play defense anyway.

5. There will be no undefeated teams
The 2008 season finished with one undefeated team standing at the end. And that was the national championship winning…….err wait….no, it was the Utah Utes. Utah loses their starting quarterback, running back, and top three wide receivers. Therefore, a repeat is unlikely. The other teams that would be favorites to run the table are Florida, Oklahoma, and USC. USC will usually fall to at least one team that it shouldn’t per year, let alone traveling to Ohio State. They are also not as talented in 09 as they were last year. Oklahoma has a decent chance to go undefeated but they will have to get through both Texas and Oklahoma State. I see the Big 12 being too tough again in 09 to have an undefeated team. Florida has the best chance as anyone to go undefeated. The gators return superman (Tebow) and all eleven starters on defense. They also miss Ole Miss in 2009 (their only loss in 08). If Florida were too lose I would suspect it would be in either the SEC or National Championship games.

4. Tim Tebow will be arrested for a DUI
Only kidding. This is probably the most outrageously bold prediction, as the jury is still out on whether or not Tebow is human and, therefore, capable of wrongdoing.

3. Notre Dame will return to national prominence in 2009
Notre Dame is the team everyone loves to hate. The hating should only get more intense as the Golden Domers have a real shot at returning to the national scene in 2009. Notre Dame returns starting quarterback and emerging star Jimmy Clausen. Clausen is coming off of a 400 yard and five touchdown game in Notre Dame’s blowout victory in their 08 bowl game. Overall Clausen had a decent, although inconsistent, 2008 season. He finished the season with 3000+ yards and 25 TDS. Although, he did throw a fair amount of INTs (17). The Fighting Irish also return their top two leading rushers and a thousand yard receiver in Golden Tate. Additionally they are the beneficiary of a relatively weak schedule in 09 and I could see them rattling off 9 or more wins. Nine wins would be just good enough for the media to begin drooling over the Fighting Irish once again.

2. Florida won’t win the National Championship
Florida will be the odds-on favorite to repeat in 2009. The Gators lose no one on the defensive side of the ball and return their leader and QB Tim Tebow. Also, Urban Meyer is always a recruiting genius and they should be able to fill in their holes adequately. Florida should, and probably will be, the best team in 2009. But, it wouldn’t be an OBP if I were to give them the title in March. Here are some other teams that should be in contention at the end of the year: Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State , Whoever comes out of the Big Ten, Alabama, and Virginia Tech.

1. Archie Griffin will remain the only two time Heisman winner after the 2009 season
The 2009 college football season might be the most talent rich season in college football history. This year we will have the luxury of watching two Heisman trophy winners (Tebow, Bradford) for an entire season with both trying to become only the second player ever to win two Heisman trophy awards. Unless one of them has a remarkable season (which is entirely likely for both) I could see the voters trying to preserve the prestige of the trophy by only having one two time winner. Also, they could lose votes to players with similar stats as people will figure they ‘already have one’. Both Tebow and Bradford will be clear favorites for the most prestigious award in all of sports but there are definitely some other playmakers in college football. The logical third choice would be 2008 runner-up Colt McCoy. Some other players who may get some consideration is Okie State WR Dez Bryant. Also, Terrelle Pryor could have a sleepers chance if number ten were to come true.

So there ya have it, my OBPs for the 2009 college football season. Which ones do you think are most likely to come true and/or least likely to come true? What are your OBPs for the upcoming season? Oh, and...is it September yet?

Photo 10 courtesy of Tracy Boulian/The Plain Dealer, Photo 8 from the AP, Photo 7 from deadspin.com, Photo 6 from AP, Photo 5 from bensaunders.com, Photo 4 from, Photo 3 from midwestsportsfan.com, Photo 2 from photobucket.com, Photo 1 from here


  1. absolutely love #4! best thing i've heard in awhile and i'm glad that someone else in the world wishes that this guy would have some fault to him. other than that, i can see #1 being false. with bradford and tebow both coming back, i would say that unless someone has a vince young type year that there won't be a new heisman winner. odds are very much against it. totally agree with #5... but i do see another team like utah (mainly TCU) go undefeated, which really wouldn't matter in the national championship race anyway. i disagree with the USC prediction. you're right, they will lose their usual one game per year that they should have won, but i think they will dominate their bowl games like always. pete carrol may be the best bowl coach ever. he just has a nack for winning those games and getting his players up for them. also, like you said, they don't rebuiled, just reload. that's what i have so far, but i'm sure i'll think of more to come...

  2. It's hard to believe that there won't be a team that goes undefeated. Like you said, I highly doubt a Big 12 team can do it, and of course USC will lose to some less-than-average Pac 10 team, but you forgot about the always threatening, Boise State team. The only way Boise State does not go undefeated is if they somehow end up in a good bowl game with actual competition. Honestly, there are some high school teams in this state that are more talented than about half of Boise State's schedule. And even if Boise State does lose, there's always some other non-BCS school out there that is going to win 'em all and then cry because they end up in an average bowl game. It's become a norm for college football, why would it change?

  3. Hoskee:
    Keep in mind Vince Young didn't win the Heisman, so it may take an even better than Vince Young-type year. (Although he definitely should have won it over Bush). And, good point on TCU their schedules an absolute joke. Can't argue with ya about Carroll's big game coaching skills.

    I don't know about Boise State...they lose Ian Johnson (although he was in a supporting role in 08) and they play Oregon in week one. Oregon should be a top 25 caliber team, but if Boise can get through them...then yeah, the rest of their schedule is a cupcake.

  4. Wow, maybe I should have done a little Boise State research before commenting. I assumed Boise would schedule the same caliber teams that they have been playing in past on their non-conference schedule. Oregon will be a good game for them, and hopefully take them out of "undefeated" talks before than can even get a win. Moving past Boise though, it seems like there is always at least 1 or 2 teams that play in a cupcake conference and play division 1-AA opponents on their non-conference schedule to help them to go undefeated on the year. But hey, we can all dream that there won't be any non-bcs schools that go undefeated, make a case that they should be in the national championship, and then get stomped when they actually play a solid opponent...good post

  5. I'd be in heaven if Chizek went 2-10 again.

  6. I also would love to see Gene Chizik go 2 and 10 next year. I highly doubt he will get promoted to the NFL unless it's waterboy. I disagree on the prediction USC will lose their Bowl game, Pete Carroll just doesn't lose bowl games. On predictions #1 and #4 I disagree and agree with you. Tim Tebow will be the second two time winner of the Hiesman, but will get busted for DWI after celebrating that win.

  7. I'm not ashamed to admit it: I'm rooting for No. 4 to really happen.