Thursday, April 16, 2009

Duke PG turned Michigan QB?

Duke point guard Greg Paulus is contemplating joining the Wolverines and competing for the starting quarterback position, as reported by Adam Rittenberg.

Paulus is a former high school quarterback standout who eventually chose basketball and the opportunity to play for Duke and coach Mike Krzyzewski over the chance to play college football. From Rittenberg's blog:

Paulus was a former Gatorade high school football player of the year at Christian Brothers Academy, where he was a four-time all-state player, set six state passing records and was a starter in the U.S. Army All-American game. Christian Brothers was 42-3 during Paulus' time there, and he had 11,763 career passing yards and 152 touchdown passes in 45 games.

Coach Rich Rodriguez says that Paulus would have a fair shot at competing for the starting spot. Which, Paulus says is a major factor in his decision.

Paulus' competition would be freshman quarterbacks Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson, along with junior Nick Sheridan who is coming off a broken leg.

I would say that right now Forcier has the upper hand, as he has been said to be performing well during spring ball. Sheridan does have the experience having started four games in 2008. But, Sheridan is coming off a broken leg, and really was a square peg trying to be fit in spread offenses round holes.

If Paulus can show he still has the talent, after a four year layoff from football, I would say he has as good of chance as anyone on the Michigan roster to be the starting quarterback in 2009.

For those of you wondering Paulus would be able to transfer to Michigan and play right away without sitting out a year. Since he played four years of basketball at Duke, without a redshirt season, and is earning his degree....he has one year of eligibility in another sport.

Paulus is still considering the transfer to Michigan. He has also garnered attention from Syracuse. Additionally, the possibility of working out for more NFL teams (seriously).

Photo from the AP


  1. Wow, this is interesting. I didn't realize a guy could play four years and then play another sport for one year if he hadn't used up his redshirt.

    That would be really odd to see Greg Paulus at quarterback for Michigan. It would be great to see the Hawks smack him around at Kinnick this year though.

    It would definitely seem smart for Paulus to get some college experience before trying to play in the NFL. However, with him being out of football for quite some time, it's hard to see him having a real great future in that sport.

  2. Personally, I think Paulus would be a joke of a quarterback. First, he hasn't thrown a football in game (or gotten hit for that matter) in what, four years? Second, he hasn't faced Big Ten defenses. He'll get destroyed.

  3. Honestly, I agree. The only reason this is even imaginable is because Michigan's only real options at quarterback are true freshman, or Sheridan (who in fact is a joke of a quarterback).

    I honestly thought I was going crazy when I heard on SportsCenter that Paulus had tried out for the Packers. I assume as a waterboy?

  4. I thought I was delirious too when I was reading that Paulus tried out for the Pack too. I think if he was a good high school quarterback that he still has the skills to do well in college football, but it will take weeks and weeks of training to get back to where he used to be. I can't say if he will be good or not because I've never see the guy play. But, I think it is dumb to leave Duke now to play football at Michigan or Syracuse or anywhere for that matter. Especially because Duke is always a contender for the national title. But, whatever it is his life and if he wants to play football that badly than I say go for it but I hope you stink if you go to Michigan.